Almond cream

RIF. FS225

A hymn to almonds that are not lost between one spoonful and another of this work of art. Indeed, they stand out perfectly to always give a crispy and authentic tone even to a cream.

Perfect to spread on bread or to fill cakes, brioches or pandoro and panettone. Discover it in our limited edition Gran Panettone (product link).

It is made with a base of artisanal white Nutella enriched inside with pieces of toasted almond.

Available formats

Technical features


A’Mennula natural almonds (20%), refined vegetable oils (palm, sunflowe, soy in variable proportions), sugar, skim milk powder, whey powder, corn starch

Shelf-life product

12 months

Average values for 100 gr of product

Protein 9,9 g
Total carbohydrates 45 g
Sugar 44 gr 
Total fats 39 g
Saturated 8,2 g
Sodium chloride 0,32 g
Energy value 571Kcal/2376KJ

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