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Partner Mammalisa S.E. from 2022

The Brand

Granobile is a smart and young brand, born in 2018, which operates in respect of the centuries-old Sicilian dairy tradition while offering cheeses with a “noble”, elegant and refined taste and appearance.
Granobile is synonymous with quality, with care and attention paid to every detail.
It is the guarantee of excellent and authentic taste, of an unforgettable experience for the palate.
It is the respect for tradition combined with the modern and innovative spirit of production.


Granobile products are perfect for the composition of ad hoc cutting boards and for the preparation of recipes.
Some (such as primo sale, provole del casale or smoked treccione are also perfect for authentic-tasting Sicilian gourmet pizzas, especially when made with ancient Sicilian grains.
For food retail, Granobile products are the ne plus ultra for your shelves that, with their refinement, will win the eyes of your customers. Also, in this case, they are perfect for gift baskets.

Production Policies

Formats are indicated in the product sheets.
However, some products can be portioned in a variable way in accordance with customers’ needs, thanks to the ready-to-use packaging room equipped with three types of equipment: cutting, packaging, weighing and automatic label application equipment.
An exceptionally precise cutting system minimises the waste.
The packaging one is also composed of the water thermo-shrinking tunnel that guarantees not only excellent preservation conditions, but also the possibility to extend the shelf life of the packaged products.

All Granobile machines are made of stainless steel and designed to maintain a very high level of hygiene, guaranteeing customers a service that respects the high standards of workmanship.
The brand is constantly evolving and is working on expanding the product range.

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Top sellers


Mammalisa S.E partner. from 2022

The Brand

The company was founded in 1948 in Sant’Angelo di Brolo, a historic town in the Nebrodi Mountains in the province of Messina (Sicily), by Vincenzo Guidara, one of the first Santangiolesi sausage makers after the war.
Grandfather Vincenzo, an old-fashioned man, and stubbornly attached to his work, decided that despite the particular historical moment, he would hand down the art of charcuterie, consolidating it with the creation of a company, to keep the family tradition perpetuated over three centuries from father to son alive.
Therefore, in 1948, he created a well-equipped workshop for the production of salami with traditional methods and tricks, which included a careful processing of meat, a careful filling of the mixture in natural casings and a wise seasoning, which, thanks to the particular microclimate of the charming valley of Santangiolo, was the real secret to obtaining a successful product.
The company was consolidated in 1960 with the creation of a real small business, whose flourishing production soon imposed it on the market, projecting it as aleader in the regional scene, even today.

All this confirms the high quality standards guaranteed and above all the undisputed organoleptic qualities of the prized S.Angelo Salame PGI.


All of Guidara’s jewel-like cured meats are the stars of any self-respecting cutting board. Some of them can be used for highly innovative recipes based on the Sicilian culinary tradition, such as the varieties of lard or seasoned sausages for intense and strong ragu sauces.
No less important are the varied use for gourmet pizzas with an authentic and rough taste, due to the use of ancient Sicilian grains.
An example: pancette aromatizzate or Capocollo varieties.

Especially suitable for embellishing any important delicatessen.

Production Policies

For the production of its cured meats, the company uses Sicilian wild pork and pork from certified Italian farms.
The characteristics that distinguish Guidara Salumi are: the use of all the best cuts of the pig in the production phase, the fact that the meat is cut “at the point of a knife”(and therefore not subject to mincing), and finally, the use of only natural casings in the bagging phase.
To determine the excellent quality of the product, in addition to the natural ingredients used, (whole salt and ground black pepper, bacteriostatic action), contributes the wise handling of the Salumificatori Santangiolesi Masters, acquired over time and carried out according to strict rules dictated by tradition, as well as seasoning in ventilated environments, which varies from 25-30 days for bovine casing, and 40-50 days for pork.

A decisive role is played by the particular microclimate of the valley (humid temperature, air currents), due to the orographic development of the territory, which gives it the characteristics of a large natural maturing room.
The synergy between natural factors and the art acquired over time by the Salumificatori dell’Azienda Guidara, especially in the
preparation of the mixture and in the care taken during the maturing period, making these Salumi inimitable and high-quality artisan products.

For Guidara products, it is possible to request gift wrapping when ordering.

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Partner Mammalisa S.E. dal 2022 | ESSENCES OF SICILY

Il Brand

Ruperossa, with its precious oil, reminiscent of cast gold, totally embodies the Sicilian essence. We are in front of a young company, born at the beginning of 2020, but firmly anchored to the love for the land, cultivated by humble farmers who, over the centuries, with great sacrifice, have produced and preserved a unique genetic heritage: a secular family olive grove grown under the sun of the Madonie. In what used to be an ancient seed factory, a company dedicated to the bottling of high-quality oil was built.

Ruperossa preserves and pampers not only secular olive trees, but also younger plants that produce unique varieties such as Crasta (neglected) present only in the area of the Madonie Park, on the mountains of the same mountain range, at an altitude ranging from 600 to 900 meters.

In the olive grove are also cultivated plants of Verdello and Nocellara Messinese, but also the Moresca present in the central eastern part of Sicily. To compose the mosaic, are added the Biancolilla of Caltabellotta, the Tonda Iblea, the Nocellara del Belice and the Santagatese.

Never forget that these olives are selected one by one, harvested in the second half of October, strictly by hand, to ensure the integrity of the fruit.

An early harvest that contributes to the realization of a unique blend of oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics. Great attention is also paid to the times of crushing that takes place in plants of the latest generation with a continuous cycle, with cold extraction to obtain an oil rich in polyphenols and with a very low degree of acidity. The oil is then stored in stainless steel silos in dark rooms at a constant and controlled temperature. Nitrogen is used for storage, an inert gas that through the technique called “Blanketing” ensures the absence of oxygen inside the silo itself. Once the necessary resting phase is completed, the oil is bottled and labelled ready for sale.

Values, ingenuity, strength and will are the traces that mark a path, and that they realize a project; these are actions that deserve to be recognized and rewarded; a reality that deserve to be praised and given to the world. As evidence of the high quality standard, Ruperossa received more awards than “years of life“.


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Top sellers


Partner Mammalisa S.E. from 2022

The Brand

Born in 2021 on the slopes of Etna, A’Mennula is a Sicilian farm specializing in the cultivation of almonds in a wonderful centenary family almond orchard. The company guarantees a continuous search for the best standards, following the product from production in the countryside, passing through transformation, to arrive at the finished product.

Food safety

A’Mennula is careful to guarantee the highest quality of 100% made in Sicily almonds. The company offers the highest guarantees of food safety and the hygiene of the production processes and, consequently, of the packaged product.

Research and development

A’Mennula invests a large part of its resources in the field of packaging: it is, in fact, cared for and studied down to the smallest detail to best preserve the product, but at the same time without ceasing to be elegant and worthy of excellent food contexts.

A’Mennula is always in constant search of optimal transformations of the raw material. He declines it in many ways, investing time and money in experimental and effective artisanal transformation. He plans to implement other products based on their precious almonds, with the certainty of always achieving results of the highest Sicilian micro-productive excellence.

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