Raw Prosciutto of Nebrodi Black Pigs

REF. S22191

The black gold: a great Crudo dei Nebrodi.
Prosciutto crudo di maialino nero dei Nebrodi is obtained by using the best quality of leg of Sicilian black piglet, which is then salted and massaged. Once the preparation phase is over, the natural seasoning takes place in ventilated environments for at least 365 days.

How to eat it:
Prosciutto crudo di maialino nero Siciliano is a product with an unbeatable and authentic taste, due above all to the influence of the particular microclimate of the valley on the seasoning, but also to the balanced presence of salt that favours the exaltation of the flavor of this formidable product.
It can be matched with young, sweet, medium bodied and fruity red wines.

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Black pork leg with bone, short or long shank (depending on weight chosen) (origin: Italy/CE), salt.
Does not contain: allergens, sources of gluten, sugars and lactose


365 days

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