Sun-dried Tomato Cream

RIF. C2211

The use of raw materials of excellent quality allows us to obtain a excellent final result. The sweet and safe taste of Sicilian dried tomatoes, dried naturally in the sun, is completed by the addition of a pinch of Sicilian almond flour. A real delicacy.

How to use it:
Fundamental in cutting boards of high excellence. Excellent to spread on bruschetta, for basic dressing of sandwiches, to enrich any buffet of appetizers. Added to stews, sauces and soups gives a hint of Mediterranean taste. Versatile also for the preparation of first courses in Sicilian trend.

Available sizes

Other formats available:

500 g in glass



Dried tomatoes (45%), Sunflower Seed Oil, Tomato paste, Almond flour, Garlic.
Pasteurized: Yes.
Allergens: Nuts.

Shelf life

18 months

Average nutritional values
per 100g of product

Energy value 1984 kj / 472 kcal
Fats 45 g (of which saturated 4,41 g)
Carbohydrates 14,81 g (of which sugars 0 g)
Protein 5,1 g
Salt 0,463 g

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