Sweet and Spicy Capocollo

REF. S22141

Timeless and Sicilian.
The sweet and spicy capocollo is obtained by using the shoulder from the highest quality pigs, which is then salted, massaged, and flavored with natural flavors and spices. Once the preparation phase is over, the product is placed in uniform casings and assumes a regular cylindrical shape. Thanks to the seasoning that takes place naturally in ventilated environments for about 40 days, a whitish outer layer develops, which is typical of this artisanal product.

How to eat it:
Capocollo is a product with either a sweet and delicate taste, or an intense and strong one (prevalent in the spicier version), determined by the influence of the particular microclimate of the valley on the seasoning, and the balanced presence of salt which contributes to the enrichment of the flavour of this sausage.
It can be matched with young, sweet, medium bodied and fruity red wines.

Available sizes



Pork shoulder (origin: Italy/CE), salt, (red chili pepper – 1%), spices, dextrose, sucrose and flavouring.
Does not contain: allergens, gluten and lactose sources


40 days


E 250 – E 252


E 300 – E 301
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